Monday, February 2, 2009

Do You Love Your Job?

In the last couple of weeks I have had a number of conversations with people about their jobs. Some people really hate their jobs, while others seem to love their jobs. It made me think about the value of really loving your job. And by value, I mean the value to yourself and also the value to the people that you work for. As I thought more about people who love what they do I found myself mentally compiling two separate lists.

1. What is the value to yourself when you love your job?
2. Why do people love their jobs?

There is probably also a third list to be developed here. A list that says, "Here is what the company gains when I love my job". But that list will be for another week. I started the two lists below with my thoughts. But I would love to hear your thoughts on this as well.

In fact, I would like to encourage a dialogue about this topic, so I would encourage you to read the lists below and then add your own comments as well.

Let's start with why it is important that you love your job. If you love your job you will:

1. Look forward to going to work each day
2. Have a brighter outlook on life
3. Do a better job because you enjoy it
4. Be more fun to be around
5. Be more willing to help those around you
6. Have better interaction with your co-workers and boss
7. Enjoy better mental health
8. Enjoy better physical health
9. Tell others how much you enjoy your job/company
10. Take better care of your customers
11 Spend the extra 10 minutes to do something right rather than just try to get it done
12. Be more wiling to sacrifice to get through tough times
13. Have more trust in your boss and co-workers
14. Be more creative in finding solutions
15. Work longer and harder because you enjoy it

Why do people love their jobs? Here are some common reasons why:

1. I get to use my natural talents
2. I'm good at what I do
3. My boss treats me with respect
4. People here value my opinion
5. I get to be creative
6. I get to have fun while I work
7. My boss understands that I have a personal life
8. I get to learn new things
9. I am empowered to make decisions
10. I know my boss and co-workers care about me
11. Mistakes are viewed as a learning experience not a career-ending event
12. I get valuable feedback from my boss and co-workers
13. I am encouraged to stretch myself
14. My company cares about its employees
15. My boss listens and understands me
16. Teamwork is present in the office and outside the office as well
17. We are encouraged to work together and not compete against each other
18. I know what is expected of me

So, those are my first thoughts. I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Please feel free to comment, add your own reasons, or even dispute some of mine. For as much time as we spend at work, it is my belief that we should not just like our jobs, but we should love our jobs.

Until next time.....

Dave Meyer
ECI Learning Systems LLC

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