Monday, March 9, 2009

What will it take?

Raise your hand if you love your job.

And keep your hand raised if you love your boss.

Ok…. Now all of you self-employed people out there, lower your hands……

That’s what I thought….. and that’s what the studies show as well.

Nearly 50% of the American workforce is disengaged at work and are actively looking for a job, any job just to get out of where they are. Meanwhile American businesses continue to cut jobs, cut wages, and cut benefits.

The result? Even more people will hate their jobs and even more people will leave their jobs creating an untrained, uninspired workforce that actually raises the cost of doing business, not lowers it.

Sometimes I wonder if management has forgotten that trained, engaged employees actually produce better results at a lower cost than untrained, disengaged employees. It’s not exactly a secret that companies can actually lower their costs by training their employees to work efficiently and effectively. And even if the wages of a trained employee are higher than the wages of an untrained employee, the company actually saves money because the trained employee does more work and does it more effectively.

Meanwhile our untrained and unmotivated, but very inexpensive staff grows more and more frustrated with their inability to complete the right tasks the right way. This frustration raises the stress level of the employees to where they are missing work and collecting sick days. To further add to the costs, we have the employees learning to not trust management, which disengages the employee further from their company.

This merry-go-round never seems to stop, as employees look for guidance and training from their management, while the management looks to provide as little as possible to the employees, leaving the employees unable to perform the tasks required to do the job, which means disgruntled customers not buying products which leads to……

It makes you wonder what it will take for management to realize the lesson that they learned in their first semester of business school. And that is:

Trained and engaged employees will cost you less money and generate more revenue than untrained and disengaged employees.

Until next time...

Dave Meyer
ECI Learning Systems LLC

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