Monday, January 5, 2009

Harnessing the Power of Your Team

In my last entry, I made note of the fact that there is much to be gained by harnessing the power and intelligence of those around you. But the question remains, "Why would others allow me such free access to their gifts?"

One challenge that we all face in life is that we believe that others think (or should think) the way we do. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. We all have different perspectives, different needs, and different desires. And in those differences lies the answer on how to access the gifts of those around you.

As the leader in your organization, you are putting yourself on the line, taking risks that others have not. It's you who has agreed to complete the project by Friday. It's you who has agreed to increase production by 15%. And it's you who has agreed to take responsibility for creating that brand new program.

While you think nothing about agreeing to these challenges, others would find the prospects terrifying. And, while you may not willingly give away your talent and expertise, others think nothing of it.

According to studies, a full 80% of the American workforce do NOT want to be "the boss". The concept of being in charge is more than they have bargained for. These 80% are, however, great team players, sacrificing themselves or their talents for the good of the team. They are chock full of good ideas that they are more than willing to share with you, if you will agree to be in charge and still give them credit for their work.

That's why building a team of strong, intelligent people is not nearly as challeging as you might be inclined to think. And, why building that strong team will not reduce your effectiveness as a leader, but rather enhance it.

Use your strengths to your advantage and allow your team members to use their strengths as well. Doing so will create a stronger organization and more upside to your career.

Till next time.....

Dave Meyer

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